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"We Give God the Glory!"

Rev. Lorenzo and Jacqueline Sutton Ball - Sutton Glory Ministries

Contemporary, God-Centered Stage Plays

Don’t miss out on witnessing our wonderful inspirational stage plays at Sutton Glory Ministries in Lumpkin, Georgia. We bring to life stories from everyday living, illustrating the Christian faith. Written by Jacqueline Meria Sutton, our Gospel stage plays are designed to exemplify Christ. Give us a call or send us an email if you’re interested in booking our theatrical productions.

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All These SHEnanigans - Gospel Stage Play

Sutton Glory Ministries' premiere gospel stage play, "All These SHEnanigans" is 



This gospel stage play is about family issues and friendships tainted by hurts of the past, backstabbing in the present and revenge of the future. All of these SHEnanigans are driven by jealousy and selfish ambition that has led to disorder and evil of every kind (James 3:16).

Tangie was raised by Aunt Etta after her parents tragically died in a car crash. Aunt Etta is one of kind, but she’s family. Tangie and Braxton are married and has been friends with Sylvia and Tyler for quite a few years now. Despite their differences, they have always gotten along and enjoyed each other’s company.

As things start to uncover and secrets are revealed, how will they handle all these SHEnanigans?

STARRING: Maurice Lauchner a singer/actor from Tyler Perry's Madea plays, Sutton Glory Ministries' "A Love Story" and the Cosby Show; Jeffery Lewis a singer/actor from Tyler Perry's Madea Plays, Sutton Glory Ministries' "A Love Story" and America's Got Talent; Joe Tucker a Soda City Celebrity singer/actor from several Sutton Glory Ministries' stage plays to include "A Love Story"; Tejon Conyers a singer/actress from Sutton Glory Ministries' "A Woman's Worth"; Elicia Moore an actress from "For My Man (Episode 509) and Gospel Artist Shonda English (Gospel Diva) from Sutton Glory Ministries' "A Woman's Worth" .

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